Batley Ninjas Adult Ladies Teams

We are a local All Women Rounders Team that came to be in August 2015. It started out as a fun and friendly community sport for women of all ages and backgrounds, with a passion to play and have some fun.

We played our first ever game as Batley Ninjas in a community tournament organised by the ever so lovely Rashida Saloo, owner of Ready Steady Active, a local community sports organiser.

Our team’s name comes from the well-known racial joke behind Muslim women in Niqab (Ninjas). We are a strong group of women with a tough attitude towards empowering women and exceeding the barriers put in place for women in Niqab, Hijab and mainly ALL women from all backgrounds and beliefs.

Batley Ninjas started off as a group of 7 passionate women wanting to get active through sports and enjoy some all ‘Rounders’ fun.

We started off with nothing except a friendship gained through the sport of Rounders, an all black Batley Ninjas T-shirt, a team bond and a hunger to play!

Keeping that focus in mind we have been making achievements after achievements and we are not ready to stop yet. We have had the opportunity to certify and insured our team with Rounders England, we have gained sponsorships that we are proud of by showcasing what we stand for, we have been noticed by the likes of Wall Street Journal, Glorius Sport, BBC and many more. We have reached the levels of rounders in women as football is for men in our local community.

We are proud to say we now offer professional level rounders for women and girls and have over 50+ members in Batley Ninjas Rounders Club!

Batley Ninjas – Ninjettes

With many of our members being mothers to young girls, who came to watch us from the side-lines. The little Ninjettes were keen to play with us after having watched us enjoy a fun sport!

We also had many enquiries from the local community about whether their young girls could join the team. It was a no brainer. We wanted to get girls active and into sports from a young age but allowing them to join the adults training session would pose a health and safety risk. With that in mind and commitment from some of our members who have the drive and passion to develop the next generation of young players in a fun and interactive environment, the Batley Ninjettes team was formed in August 2020.

Since it’s inception, the girl’s team has grown from strength to strength in a short space of time and we now regularly have 25+ girls joining us in weekly training sessions with many wishing we could provide longer sessions for them!

Through rounders, we hope to instil confidence, boost self-esteem, develop teamwork, sportsmanship and leadership skills as well as help create fun memories and long-lasting friendships in the lives of the young girls as they grow up to be young healthy adults with a wholesome outlook towards sports!

We hope this initiative of ours will inspire other teams to follow suit and allow us to arrange friendlies and possibly a mini kids rounders league in the future in a similar fashion to the adults league.

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